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Ben Hricko once accused me of being the last honest card in a marked deck. Guess an ex-Catholic should know since he shuffes cards and gins the world with bits and bytes that make 5=10. But, my camera takes 1 picture 100 times. Figure that out.

Sammy Levine narrates CHARLESTON BLUES

Sammy Levine narrates TAR BABY

Sammy Levine narrates GREEN GODDESS

Sammy Levine narrates THE GREAT RETURN

Sammy Levine narrates NORTH OF NOWHERE

Sammy Levine narrates CITTYKATS

Mebby I should rank on the story TAR BABY and its heroine Anita Bowers -- Sergent Bowers then and detective Captain Bowers now. She got more bravery decorations than a Bar Mitzva and never spilled beans on some honest perp. Anita was Nickys parter then -- the first one to live long enough to make Sergeant. In TAR BABY she's working under-cover on a snuff-film case and I was her alibi, cover, backup and FYEO boyfriend. When and how I failed and what card I finally played was made a slippery steep by Anita and then tar-papered by LaPD. Too many big names were close to the tarpit Anita and I discovered. Mebby the shock of that case left a mark on her sense of rightness; a guy shakes it off only to wake screaming in pitch black night. If he has a dame she makes it OKey again, but some coppers never make it outa that pit. This PI has it easy, cause I think about Anita all the time. Will Scranton who put together this site sez simply pull up your lounge, pour a Turkey ... burn the Camel. Pick a voice. Nicky's heard it all - your turn now.