Nickys' pals: coast-to-coast and not the same hardboil

Like Charleston, Nicks pals & enemies have their own stories, deceits, voices and lives. Dark whispered aspects. Story locations span the country as well as the memes we consider natural. Certainly each narrator appears in stories narrated by others, or in the scrolled tales Nick DeLeon spins. People and settings differ, but the boulevards voice remains the same. Even off-balanced and skeptic I'm tryn' ta listen. From horror ta romance, hardboil to fantasy tell ya what I hear. These are the narrators:
Will Scranton: journalist runs HRI webzine from an aging Victorian mansion in Spokane
Ben Hricko: Isle of Palms eco-perv, technophile, womanizer & dealer of lost value
Tony Vitalle: SOB broker, rough customer, got pals break yer leg him too
Sargent Bowers: Nicks partner, and 'twin' in a parallel universe; not TOO parallel
Ibn-Ali aka Jerry-the-Arab: arch-villian, Hrickos nemesis. A bad man to know the truth